fid13056a&b  (24” x 49”)

Antique American Stained Glass Windows

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A double-hung Antique American Floral Stained Glass Window Set.  Both panels are in their original frames with the lower measuring 24" x 26.5" while the upper measures 24" x 25.5".   Both panels are in excellent condition and quite lovely.  As is always the case with double hung sets the question of how to display them needs to be dealt with.  Sometimes the pattern of the upper and lower is such that the panels can be removed from their individual frames and joined at their mid-lines to form one united panel.  I have not had a chance yet to measure and make sure the patterns here would line up.  A second alternative is to remove the panels from their individual frames and install them in a single frame with a mullion across the mid-line.

Price as displayed:  $4,500.00

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