fid14056  (86” x 110”)

Antique American Stained Glass Windows

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American Stained and Jeweled Glass Ceiling with a Domed center.  This ceiling was made by Wooden Nickel Antiques of Cincinnati in the 1990's.  Normally I do not buy, or sell, newer stained glass however I am willing to make an exception for an extraordinary work and this (as well as another ceiling by Mark Boganrief to be listed shortly) are such exceptions.  This ceiling, in a steel framework which is laminated with 3" of Mahogany measures approximately 110" x 86" with the dome rising about 24".  The ceiling is loaded with Jewels and very very nice glass and is in near perfect condition.  The design an craftsmanship are absolutely of the highest quality and I am very pleased to own it and present it on my site.

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