fid15007  (25 3/4” x 34 3/4”)

Antique American Stained Glass Windows

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Antique Stained Glass Angel Window, J& R Lamb Studios, circa 1903,  with Drapery Glass through the wings and gown.  The panel, clearly a fragment of a larger window, in its new frame  measures 25.75”x 34.75”.  There are some fractures, one in particular through a corner of the sky.  All of the fractured pieces were cleaned and glued.  The panel had been installed in a light box with protective glass front and back and pictures of that are toward the end of the thumbnails below.  There was also an over abundance of the use of silicon to tighten the panel which has been removed. 

The panel,  which is completely layered with the exception of the two wing tips,   was filthy between layers.   Each segment of the plating was removed one piece at a time,  the glass cleaned and reinstalled with the original came “sweated" back in place.  The panel was then re-cemented on both sides and installed in a new Douglas Fir frame.  It has become clear to me through this process that all of the glass appears to be original.  Of particular note is the ‘pebbling’ in the bottom section of one layer of the sky and its intentional placement where it radiates upward from above the head. 

The face is elegantly done with paintwork on both sides of the cover plating and on the interior side of the backing plate. 

The following is a note I received from Donald Samick, President of J&R Lamb Studios:

“This beautiful opalescent multilayered window was designed by Frederick Stymetz Lamb at the J&R Lamb Studios in New York City, circa, 1903.  The paint style and wings are typical of his work.  Good description.  See First Presbyterian Church, Orange, Texas for confirmation. 

Price is good.

Restorer did an excellent job.

Good luck

Donald Samick

President of J&R Lamb Studios

Certified appraiser of the Appraisers Association of America."

In the ’thumbnails’ below, there are two composit pictures showing both sides of the window before cleaning and after, followed by reflected light pictures of both sides.

Price:  $24,500.00

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