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Antique American Stained Glass Windows

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A very unusual set of Antique American Stained Glass Windows with Lead overlay.  The set of windows I am told came from Philadelphia.  The windows are essentially leaded glass windows with very good, unusual glass in the typical lead came but then each panel is overlaid with a very intricate lead filagree.

All of the windows are in their original frames, the dimensions and descriptions of any significan damage are which are as follows:

Transom:  79” x 15 3/4”  Overall very good condition

Left sidelight:  15 1/4” x 80”  One missing piece of glass

Right sidelight:  15 1/4” x 80”  One or two missing pieces of glass and minor damage to small segments of the filigree

(4 smaller transoms from top to bottom)

A.  16 1/2” x 34 1/2”  Missing glass and damaged filigree in upper right corner

B.  15” X 34”  Overall condition is good

C.  16 1/2” X 34 1/2”  Overall condition is good 

D.  15 1/2” X 34 1/2”  Overall condition is good

All of the thumbnails below enlarge and show front and back with and without transmitted light.

Sold as a set only.

Price:  $17,500.00

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