fid18002 (2” x 65” x 43”)

Antique American Stained Glass Windows

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A  Scenic, Stained, Jeweled and Beveled  American Stained Glass Door Panel by Michael Mattei, made in 2011.  Those of you who follow my site know that my interest is in Antique American Stained Glass Window and I seldom find new Windows that I find of interest.  This window, and its companion piece, fid18001 are exceptional.  The level of detail, craftsmanship, design and glass in both of these windows is extraordinary.  

Michael makes much of his own glass and I would urge you to look at the selection found in these windows.  Look at the bevels with confetti glass or the extraordinary blues in the cascading flowers.   The window is extensively plated.  

In its custom frame the Window measures 2 x 65 x 43.

Price:  $13,500.00

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