fid5161  (59” diameter)

Antique American Stained Glass Windows

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I originally purchased three of these windows, all of which suffered damage from a fire. Circa 1900, they originally were in a church in Minneapolis.  

There was enough glass between the 3 of them to restore 2 complete windows, and that restoration has been completed.  (The following link shows the windows in their 'pre-restoration' condition:    ( Antique American Stained Glass Windows )

This restoration involved gluing a significant number of pieces as well as salvaging glass as needed from the third to save the other two.  The result however is that all glass is original as is almost of the lead work.  Both windows have been re-cemented on one side and new re-bar affixed with replaced tie wires.

Potential buyers must be aware that there are numerous cracks still extant, however the windows are so spectacular and replacement glass all but non-existent, that the mere saving of the windows justifies the inclusion of these imperfections.

The glass in these window is very dense and would require an exposure with a lot of light, however in that circumstance they really would come alive.

Without frames the windows are 4' in diameter and 59" with the temporary frames as shown.

As of this writing, one of the pair has been sold.

Additional pictures can be found at the following link:  fid5161.htm


Price for the remaining window:  $12,500.00

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