Antique American Stained Glass Windows

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Antique American Floral Stained Glass Oval Dome.  This dome measures 90.5 x 56.5 with a rise of 26.25".  The Dome has been completely restored with each panel having new reinforcement, rebending and recementing.  There are a few cracks, but only a few.  The angle iron frame was cleaned and repainted and new copper tabs riveted to the frame.

The restored dome is shown in the first series of thumbnail pictures below in its temporary installation at our shop.  The finished installation of the dome would have the perimeter of the frame supported by an oval framed opening in the ceiling.  

This dome was purchased from an Auction House in Atlanta by a couple who intended to install it in an addition of their home.  The Dome was packed with styrofoam peanuts in a giant wood crate and shipped to Iowa.  Unfortunately, life interrupted their plans and the Dome sat, uninstalled in their garage for many years until my purchase.  The larger set of thumbnail pictures below show the dome as it was in its unrestored condition still in its crate.

Restored price:  $32,500.00

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