fid15043, 18075, 18045 (See description for sizes) 

Antique American Stained Glass Windows


3 Antique American Floral Arched Stained Glass Windows.  The two outer Windows are clearly Wisteria while the smaller center Window is a bit more generic.  I feel that all three were produced by the same studio.  All three have been cleaned, re-cemented and reframed in Sapele and are in wonderful condition.  The two larger Windows, in their frames measure 45 3/4” x 81 3/4” while the smaller, in its frame measures 40 1/2” x 70”.

The Windows are available as follows:

The Wisteria Windows:

      Price per each:  $14,750.00

      Price for the pair:  $25,000.00

The smaller Window:  $9,750.00

Price for all three:  $32,500.00

© Frank Duff 2015