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Antique American Stained Glass Windows


Antique American Figural/Scenic/Figural Stained Glass triptych with a wonderful Peacock.

The set of Windows, which are heavily plated, were filthy and missing a couple of pieces of the plating on the panel with the pedestal.  Most of the plated areas were composed of two layers while the is a three layer composite.  I have cleaned all of the panels, between layers as well as exterior and interior surfaces and all have been re-cemented.  (I am not satisfied with the replaced plating and am continuing to look for more suitable glass.)

The two side panels measure 12 1/2” x 47 1/4” while the central panel measures 32 1/2’ X 47 1/4”.  At this writing the panels have not been framed, and in the image above  the framing is photo-shopped.

The Panels are in very good condition with a couple of minor cracks.

Price for the set, which includes framing the individual panels in Sapele:  $32,500.00

© Frank Duff 2015