Antique American Stained Glass Windows

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Antique American Stained and Jeweled Transom from Chicago, circa 1890 with a Floral center Medallion.  This and a second transom from the same house (fid5128) are truly stunning.  Wonderful glass throughout with Jewels interspersed in the border.  The Central medallion which is itself surrounded by a jeweled belt is composed of (apple?)  blossoms, leaves and vines.

In its original frame the window measures 60" x 26” and is in good condition with the following to be noted:  there is some slight bowing  to the window;  the central medallion is surrounded by a band of glass which had severely deteriorated due most likely to a reaction with acids in the atmosphere.  This band of deteriorated glass has been restored with appropriate antique glass.  The lead work has an applied copper patina.

Price for the window as is:  $6,500.00

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