Antique American Stained Glass Windows

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Antique American Stained Glass Window with wonderful glass throughout.  This is a surprisingly large window, measuring in its frame 28.5” x 81”. 

It is my feeling that this window is a combination of an old central panel with a new surround, although the reconfiguration was done a long time ago.  The floral section, including the ‘figure 8’ configured border is, to my eye, originally from another window, with the outer, very vivid border added.  It is clear that at one time this central section had plating as the lead came has been trimmed back.  There are a few cracks as well as a couple of border pieces which appear to have been replaced.  Having said that, the glass is all first rate, there are rondels which have been squared off in the corners, and drapery glass has been used in some of the flower petals.  The window has had 2 border pieces glued, one new lead-line in the border, been re-cemented and re-framed.


Price:  $5,450.00

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