Antique American Stained Glass Windows

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A 4 piece set of Antique American Stained and Jeweled Windows with Beveled medallions and Chunk Jewels throughout.

Originally presented as a pair of doors with matching sidelights, it appears more likely that the doors, which are still in their original frames, are more appropriate when placed as sidelights to the taller pair as pictured above.

The outer pair, in their original painted frames, (which appear to be veneered on one side in Walnut) measure 29" x 73" each and are in excellent condition.  There are Chunk Jewels throughout and the glass selection is very nice with color phasing from dark at the bottom to light towards the top.  As can be seen in the pictures below, the panels become quite luminescent in transmitted light.  The wood frames are in good condition, although they have been mortised for hinges which are no longer extant.

The central panels,  undergoing minor restoration, with oval Beveled glass centers, color phasing and lots of Chunk Jewels, currently are without frames and measure 22" x 74" each.  The price quoted below includes restoration and framing.

The windows are being sold as a set only.

Price for the set:  $28,500.00

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