Antique American Stained Glass Windows

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Absolutely stunning pair of Antique American Floral Stained and Jeweled Glass Windows.  Probably from the Buffalo/Pittsburg area, circa 1890.   The windows, in their original frames measure 18.75" x 46.5" ea.  There are several curious features  about these windows.  Firstly, it appears that much of the background glass is plated as there are indications of water staining between layers in several areas.  Secondly, the bevel medallions may or may not be original.  Both are made with old, yellow/green glass.  The lead work on both panels appears to be original on the interior sides.  The lead work on one of the panels appears to be original on the exterior, while the lead work on the other has clearly been tampered with.  Finally, one window has two original re-bars while the other has a third, smaller gauge bar just below the bevel medallion.  All of the bars appear to have been part of the frame for a long time as opposed to recent additions.

In the final analysis these are very fine windows with some very unusual glass used throughout.

Sold as a pair only:  $12,500.00

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