fid18012 (58.75” x 53.5)

Antique American Stained Glass Windows

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Antique American Stained/Beveled Window with Zipper cut decoration.  This panel is one of four from Eaton’s Restaurant in San Francisco which burned down after the Earthquake.  Originally there were two matched Windows, and this is the lower half of one.  Because of the size of the original, and their inherent weakness across the midline I have separated the pairs into two upper sections and two lower sections.  All four Windows have been framed with Sapele and have been re-cemented and had new rebar affixed.  The dimensions of the Window in its frame above are 58 3/4" x 52 1/4".  The other three Windows can be found at the following links:




Price for the Window above:  $3,250.00

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